More on Forgiveness

In Matthew 18:21-35, Jesus tells a parable about a man who was forgiven a huge debt and then turned around and refused to forgive another of a very small debt.  Warren Wiersbe writes,

“What’s wrong with this man?  The same thing that is wrong with many professing Christians:  They have received forgiveness, but they have not really experienced forgiveness deep in their hearts.  Therefore, they are unable to share forgiveness with those who have wronged them.  If we live only according to justice, always seeking to get what is ours, we will put ourselves into prison.  But if we live according to forgiveness, sharing with others what God has shared with us, then we will enjoy freedom and joy.

…Our Lord’s warning is serious.  He did not say that God saves only those who forgive others.  The theme of this parable is forgiveness between brothers, not salvation for lost sinners.  Jesus warned us that God cannot forgive us if we do not have humble and repentant hearts.  We reveal the true condition of our hearts by the way we treat others.

…In other words, it is not enough to receive God’s forgiveness, or even the forgiveness of others.  We must experience that forgiveness in our hearts so that it humbles us and makes us gentle and forgiving toward others.” (The Wiersbe Bible Commentary (NT), p. 55-56)

Helpful insight from a wonderful and godly pastor.  


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