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Reversed Polarity

I’m a very poor car mechanic.  In that, I’m sure I was a disappointment to my father.  Shortly after Diane and I were married, she forbade me to work on the car.  It was almost always more expensive when I tried to do the work.  The operative word was “tried” to do the work.  Probably the best example of ineptitude is the case of my 1966 Renault R-8.  I was dirt-poor when I graduated from college.  My parents had purchased a car for me when I was in school so that I could work.  The problem was, I didn’t make enough money to maintain it.  I eventually sold it to a junkyard for fifty bucks.  My friend had a quirky old car that had sat for over a year on the street.  It needed a clutch and a new battery.  The junk yard would give him $25, so that’s what he sold it to me for.  I had a friend who could speed shift it to a backyard mechanic he knew who would fix it. I bought a used battery at a junk yard – seems to be a theme here – and went to pick the Renault up after work.
Now I have to…