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View the Present Through the Promise
View the present through the promise, Christ will come again.
Trust despite the deepening darkness, Christ will come again. Lift the world above its grieving through your watching and believing in the hope past hope's conceiving: Christ will come again.
Probe the present with the promise, Christ will come again. Let your daily actions witness, Christ will come again. Let your loving and your giving and your justice and forgiving be a sign to all the living: Christ will come again.
Match the present to the promise, Christ will come again. Make this hope your guiding premise, Christ will come again. Pattern all your calculating and the world you are creating to the advent you are waiting: Christ will come again.
By Thomas H. Troeger, © 1994 Oxford University Press, Inc.
This coming Sunday is the first in the Advent season.In the midst of all the holiday hub-bub there remains a persistent sense of pessimism in many of the folks I know.Admittedly, most of my fri…

The Hope of the World

I confess:I’m a conservative Republican.This morning I am disturbed by yesterday’s results that have Barak Obama reelected for a second term.I am deeply dismayed that the majority of people in our nation have embraced a party and candidate that militantly defend a woman’s right to murder her baby and the abominable idea of homosexual marriage.Though I do not buy the entire Republican rhetoric and platform, I believe that bigger government will not solve our problems but only make them worse.I think our current fiscal policies will bankrupt us.The Obama administration’s foreign policy, I believe, makes our nation less secure.
All of this, except for the pro-life and marriage issues, is debatable among Christians along party lines.I’m willing to grant that and understand there will be differences of opinion between God’s people.I don’t see, however, how any Bible-believing Christian can support the so-called “pro-choice” and homosexual agenda that the Democratic Party aggressively promot…