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Whole-Hearted Worship in Song

This is a fun, yet provocative blog from worship teacher, Tom Kraeuter.  What do you think?

I'm a Rich Man

I’m a rich man! I still have a sizable mortgage. I have no pending inheritance to speak of. My retirement accounts, for my age, are pitiful. And no, I didn’t win the Lottery. (“You can’t win if you don’t play.”)

What my wife, Diane, and I do have are two adult children who love us and even like us. They are more than just our children. They are our friends. Our daughter is married and has three children. We talk frequently about the deep issues of faith and family. We see our grandkids frequently and they are one of the joys of our life. I left an enviable position as a professor at a Christian university to be only seventy-five minutes away from them. I don’t regret it.

I don’t talk as frequently with my son, but that’s kind of a guy-thing. When we do talk, which is usually at least once a week, we talk of faith and family, but especially about football and music. Occasionally, like this coming weekend, we get to make music together. That is a special joy and help for me since I’ve…

Embracing Conflict in the Church

Our church family is having a bit of a kerfuffle. Since this is a public forum, I won’t share the details. But it’s painful. It’s personal and it’s dangerous. No one likes it.

This is not the first time I’ve been in a church family that was having conflict. Come to think of it, I can’t recall a church that I’ve ever been a part of that didn’t have inner conflict. Conflict is part of the landscape of human relationships. And the church, while it is infused with Divine life, is still human. On this side of eternity, we remain broken – in need of God’s grace and work in our collective life together. It’s the same for any family.

There are many responses available to us when we enter into conflict. The first and, I must admit, easiest for me to immerse myself in is anger. It is an honest response, especially when one believes that injustice has been done or that the other party is somehow unrighteous. That has usually been my assessment of “the other side” when I’ve been deep in it. It …

Preliminary Thoughts on Zwingli

I've spent the last few days reading a book on Huldrych Zwingli, one of the primary movers and shakers in the Protestant Reformation.  I'm doing research on major movements and events that have shaped modern Evangelical worship.  For my focus, it starts at the Reformation.  The more I read, the more I come to the conviction that, while necessary, the Reformation was also reactionary - an event/movement that happened in a particular time in history with particular cultural and intellectual currents swirling about.  That's always true for any historical happening.  Nothing occurs in a vacuum. We are less than ten years away from the 500th anniversary of the Reformation - if you count Luther's nailing of the ninety-five theses on the Wittenburg church door (1517) as the beginning.  Much was gained in the Reformation, but much was lost in over-reaction.  We should have the courage to take a critical look back as we approach this important milestone.

One of my resolutions…