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I Don't Find Jokes About Worship Music Very Funny

This post is a second attempt on this topic.  The first was pushback on the cartoon above that a friend had posted on Facebook. It was lacking in grace.  I regret that but remain committed to my point. 
I have a good sense of humor.  I enjoy the satirical website, Lark News, and even my own copy of A Field Guide toEvangelicals and Their Habitat. I can laugh at myself and my evangelical tradition.  But I don’t find jokes about worship music very funny.
Most of the time, it is contemporary praise and worship songs that are the target of the jokes and cartoons I’ve seen and heard.  There was a variation of Cows in theCorn several years ago that poked fun at hymns.  Nevertheless, the repetition found in praise and worship is the usual target.  It is my experience that people who don’t like the genre think the jokes are really funny. 
I don’t.  I never have.  Here’s why:
Praise and worship songs are different than hymns. That seems obvious, but the difference lies much deeper than music and…