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Pray for Revival. Pursue Renewal.

About a week ago I had a wonderful conversation with a man in our church that had just turned 90.You wouldn’t have known it by his appearance and energy.He seems fifteen years younger than his actual age.He was reminiscing “about the good old days” back in the late sixties and early seventies when what folks experienced inside the church walls would literally overflow onto the streets and through the city.There was a pervasive joy throughout the ministry.Lives were being changed and people were coming to Christ right and left.

I remember those days, though I lived in Southern California at the time.The Spirit of God was moving throughout the land and almost anything you would do in ministry would bear fruit.I’m fairly well-read in the history of Protestant awakenings and I am convinced that what we experienced in our country in the early 70’s was a sovereign move of God – a revival.
It seems that evangelicals are always praying for revival.We even have hymns and songs that express that …