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Staying True in a Tempting World Genesis 39:1-23
Introduction Earlier this week, I stepped on the scale.  I won’t tell you the exact numbers, but I have boldly gone where I’ve never wanted to go before.  I’m on the precipice of having to buy another pant size.  It’s time to lose weight and I’ve already made some progress towards that goal.
It’s not my fault, really.  I have EAP – epicurean addictive personality.  (A person who loves food too much, especially foods that are bad for you and taste really good.)It was my mom’s fault.  I was taught to always clean my plate.  The worst thing, though, was that my mother was a really good baker.  It must have been the English in her.  She would bake several times a week and it seems like the cookie jar was always full – no small feat for a household with five kids.  And she made this Araby Spice Cake that was to die for.  (You can find the recipe in the 1955 edition of the Betty Crocker Cookbook, page 177.)   
I’m kidding about my mom’s culpabili…
Staying True in a Tough World Job 1:13-2:10
Introduction Life is tough.  This afternoon, we will bury a good man who suffered through multiple ailments.  Darrell Steck’s passing, though not unexpected, still came as a surprise to all who knew him and his struggles.  Growing old is not for sissies. 
Accidents that take the lives of younger people are especially difficult to process.  My granddaughter posted her grief on FaceBook this week for a teacher at her school that was run down by a truck while walking along a country road.  I’ll never forget coming home late one night in December after a Christmas musical performance to receive the news that my five-year-old nephew had died from complications of an ear infection.
This world is not only tough; it can be brutal.  And the way that we respond to the terrible tragedies of life reveals the strength of our spiritual core.  Robert Duvall is one of my favorite actors.  He has done several movies that portray Christian faith will real authen…
Staying True in a Twisted World Daniel 1:1-21
Staying Out of the Ditch This past week, we had a lot of rain come our way, didn’t we?  I know my neighbor was happy.  He had just planted some grass and it is coming up nicely.  I’m happy because when I checked my basement, there weren’t any leaks.  But all the while the rain was coming down, I was thinking…good thing this precip isn’t white or my snow blower would be getting a workout. 
Now some of you are mad at me because you’re thinking I’ve jinxed us by saying the white “S” word and its only October.  Well, from where I’ve come from, snow is not unheard of at this point in the year.  Remember the song from White Christmas?

Snow…it won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow… Snow…I want to wash my face, my hands, my hair with snow… Snow…I long to clear a path and lift a spade of snow…
Ever have to drive a country road at night in a full-on blizzard?  I lived in South Dakota.  Talk about white!  That …