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Aliens in America I Peter 2:1-17Aliens in America I Peter 2:1-17
Introduction – How Did We Get Here? It has been a very interesting week on social media and in the blogosphere.  The Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage the law of the land on Friday, June 26th has sent shock waves throughout Bible-believing congregations.  Not that we didn’t see it coming.  Our culture has been headed this way for a long time. 
But how did we get here – to this day – where sin is celebrated and institutionalized in same-sex marriage?  I think we must begin with understanding that the Devil is in the mix leveraging our fallen nature.  Beyond that broad understanding, we need to recognize that the factors that brought us same-sex marriage a few days ago have been at work a long time in our culture.  We have benefited greatly from modernism and humanism that has its roots in Europe about the same time our country was being founded.  The modern age has given us wonderful things like our democracy, t…