What Forms Me

It has been a long time since I have entered a new post on my blog.  I miss it.  Writing clarifies my thinking.   But I've been quite distracted lately and I don't see that ending anytime soon. 

This morning I responded to an article a colleague sent to me written by a mega-church pastor.  For reasons that are much too complex here (read my earlier blog, "Filtering the Waters of Willow Creek") I've developed an aversion to mega-churches and their primary leaders.  Still, I'm a learner and I am willing to read and listen.  The article had good stuff and I appreciated it.

As I was reflecting on what I was reading, however, I was drawn back to the values that are deeply embedded in my soul.  I'm linking to The Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future in this post.  I encourage you to read it.  (Click on the yellow title.)  Though saturated with academic theological language, I hope that you will sense the forward-looking wisdom of the piece.

At the Institute for Worship Studies where I received my doctorate, we often talked of being "ruined" by our journey there.  It's only halfway funny.  Being counter-cultural involves a certain amount of suffering.  There have been more than a few students and graduates who have lost jobs because of their newly-formed perspecive.  The values expressed in The Call were the same values embraced at IWS and they have deeply formed me.  For those who know me and work with me, reading The Call will probably help explain my passions and my quirks.

Reading it will make you think.  I would love to have conversations about it anytime with anyone.

For Christ's glory and His Mission,


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