Whole-Hearted Worship in Song


This is a fun, yet provocative blog from worship teacher, Tom Kraeuter.  What do you think?


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  2. Interesting and entertaining for sure. I agree with the sentiments raised by the author, but (from my very limited experience) it only focuses on half of the equation - passion. In the name of passion, worshiping thoughtfully sometimes gets either ignored or avoided altogether for fear that thinking stifles passion. The opposite should be true, though, if we choose good songs. Thinking deeply about spiritual truths we sing should stoke our affections and passions for Christ, not throw a wet blanket over them.

    (Sorry, had a typo!)

  3. I liked the way he wrote. I think there would be more interest in worship if we gave it more time to take us into the Presence of God. Two or three songs are not going to do that. If people were to experience His presence and realize that He inhabits the praises of His people, I think they would give their hearts to this and become more engaged. I am not sure we can get there in an hour service....

  4. I've been really focused on this topic recently; mainly because of the terms addressed in Kauflin's book, Worship Matters. Thanks for posting.


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